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Kawasaki ZX10RR & ZX10R vs Yamaha R1M & R1 – Street Race

All bikes have an ECU flash with cat delete/exhaust. I have to do some tweaking to my tune, it’s losing power on the big end. Enjoy!

***DO NOT attempt to do anything you see in this video***

Fonte: Youtube

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  1. what a great informative video..I got to say it was weird how the r1 was faster then the r1m is thier a reason for that? those crossplane sound amazing lol im always gonna be a zx10 fan tho especially the 2011-2015 gen.These new gen aint my thing look wise but they move out nice.

  2. If it’s anything in this world I love the most it would probably be a close ass race. The camera angles are so clutch because no matter where he falls in the race we always got eyes on to compare the two bikes.
    Keep them coming bro, incredible.

  3. Great videos dude! Good quality and sound, everything.
    You should try mounting a camera facing the back in front, so it'll catch you and people behind you at the same time… Like on a mirror bar facing back.

  4. Can anyone tell me the difference between a zx10r and a zx10rr? I rode an r6s for 5 years and I'm ready for a 2011 and up zx10. I like the look and feel better than an r1 even though my first dirt bike was a Yamaha 😢

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