Kawasaki ZX-10RR new 2019 First look Exhaust sound

Fonte: Youtube

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  1. DANG! My ass will never get to sit on a bike of that caliber…. Unless I pick one up 15 years from now that's been abused by some reject and has half of the bolts and screws that its supposed to.

  2. I love zx10r especially the zx10rr (the winter edition) But honestly in my opinion the color of the bike (maybe because of the quality of the video or the camera or the sunlight/lighting) is too bright.. When I first saw it (not in person), it just like the 2011 zx10r.. the white "RR" does not fit with the bright green.. I think it's more nicer if they just make it black and white (white body with black decals).. reverse color done to the 2017 zx10rr..

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