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Kawasaki Z800 – Is it worth it?

In this video I review the 2015 Kawasaki Z800 to find out whether the hype is real.

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  1. man whats up with all these amateurs who never ride a bike in their lives, doing reviews of bikes
    holy fuck i think i need to go vomit after watching this guy riding and talking about tork like if he fucking knows what hes saying

  2. I went from a light 1000cc sportbike (R1) to this, because i needed a more upright bike because of the classic bad back issue! Anyway, the bike is in specs heavy. BUT it is weightless once you sit on it. – beautiful bike and has just the right amount of power to be a cruiser and at the same time go fast when you need to. xD

  3. How do the headlights perform at night? I have heard complaints about the headlights on the newer models of the Yamaha MT-09, and was wondering how the headlights on the z800 perform at night?

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