Kawasaki GTR1400 Road Test

In this, the age of the adventure bike, the traditional large touring bike seems to have lost its relevance but that hasn’t stopped the manufacturers from making some very impressive machines. The 1400GTR is Kawasaki’s effort and it’s been around a long time. Can it hold a candle to newer, better equipped models or is it starting to look a bit long in the tooth?

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  1. My only request would be to bump up to the ZX-1400R dispacement. Keep the electronics off, it has enough, like traction control, anti lock brakes. Not many riders will ever ride hard enough to set off traction control or anti lock brakes at lean angles or even as a matter of fact ride in the rain. Read a map, it makes a person more connected to the environment. Shove the phone in a saddle bag. If I want to talk to people I will stay home and cook out. My 2010 C14 serves me well. Growing character with stone chips some small scratches with age but mechanically has never failed me. I may replace it in two years but I wont spend over 20K what 15K with saddle bags can do with a bike that not many can out run.

  2. Are you kidding me dinosaur wow it's the most reliable bike on the market after 10 years no cruise control who cares you want a bike or a car I think your missing the point about this bike in my mind it's still the king of sport tourism long live the gtr for the price still unbeatable

  3. Ten facet nie ma pojęcia o motocyklach. Krytykuje wszystkie legendarne moto. Jeździłem GTR em i jest super, a to że np Bmw ma więcej bajerów, to prawda ale za wyższą cenę. Skrytykował też nowego vfr 800f. Jest typowym Januszem dla którego liczą się tylko nowe modowe advenczery, które za parę lat znikną z rynku tak szybko jak się pojawiły. To jest tak jakby kupować np samochody po lekturze Auto Świata a nie słuchać użytkowników. Ponadto ten psełdo program o moto jest jawnym sponsoringiem.

  4. When you can ride for 400 miles in any direction and never see a winding road adventure bikes just don't cut it. If I were going to tour around the United States it would be on a H-D Street Glide , a Road Glide or even an Electra Glide.

  5. so far I loved this show, but this latest-and-greatest madness they've decided to follow… tsk tsk tsk.
    At 5:14 the comment "10 years ago this might have been a perfectly acceptable touring bike". Perfectly acceptable? I've been lucky enough to drive everything on 2 wheels north of 600 cc for the last 10 years. Absolutely every single motorbike, and not just for a short test drive. Focus on touring bikes. Sometimes clocking 5000km in a bit more than a long weekend with passenger through the Alps, from Cote d'Azur to Bulgaria. This is the single most capable bike there is, no-nonsense motorcycle riding, except for the immature implementation of the KI-PASS. It can haul more weight than a K1600, accelerate harder, ride faster, costs a lot less, it's a lot more reliable (in fact, 100% reliable so far after 150 000 km), a lot cheaper to maintain, and a lot more fun to drive. When push comes to shove, there's nothing from any other brand that can do what this bike can for less money… or more.
    Then, at 4:53 you say there's no GPS preparation (there is a bracket from Kawasaki specific for this bike, and a 12V socket just next to the clocks), and worse of all, "there's no bluetooth". What for, if I may ask?
    Guys, really, take up on fishing. If you want an iPhone on wheels it's your business and I'm all for it. But leave us motorcycle lovers enjoy our passion.

  6. New bikes have more accessories and gadgets, but they won’t last too long, that mean more complex bikewill give you more problems. This Kawasaki has great leg protection,massive front and massive engine. This is not a bike for crying babies. It’s a bike for men.

  7. The 'simple' route that Kawi took with the GTR is exactly why I chose it over the BMW, ST1300, Triumph Sprint or the FJR. And I can't agree about it be tough to work into and out of a corner. I've found mine to be a breeze to 'flick' in and out of the twisties. I DO agree that it should come standard with cruise and heated grips but installing a throttle locker and grips myself were really easy and have made it as good or better than the other offerings out there and at a lower price all around.

  8. love this machine, plan on buying a used one when my Super T is paid off.  I am disappointed with the lack of cruise control. when you can find many under 10 grand, I cant complain.  Any one getting rid of their "dinosaur" let me know, it can stay in my garage!

  9. It's a sports touring bike and this constant crying about no cruise control from some reviewers is a nonsense, I've never needed the need for it, and if you feel you do need it your throttle cable could do with a lube, the GTR is a fantastic bike with very little wrong with it and now very well price on the second hand market…

  10. Love my GTR just done 7 European countries, super twisty road through Spain (N260) over the Swiss alps back to the uk 2400 miles it’s a proper beast and has lots of presence when it’s out and about comfort is amazing love keeping up with guys on the sports bikes

  11. The worst review I have ever seen.
    No blue tooth, no cruise control. Cop on. You a biker or what.
    Have mine 10 years and still eats most bikes of its class. I would only change it for another one.
    BMW…..Bite My Wobbler.

  12. I just bought a used 2017 model (4 days ago…).  First GTR I've owned.  From what I heard in this video I'm going to love this bike.  I certainly don't need track-grade suspension.  No cruise?  Heck I'll get a throttle lock or something similar if I need it.  It looks like highway pegs may be tricky to find/install.  I'm a happy camper so far.

  13. I was just waiting to see the comments here after watching. I have faithfully ridden my 08 c14/gtr1400 for over 10 years. I have found getting rid of the Bridgestone tires is the biggest upgrade you can do for the handling on that motorcycle. Perelli angel demon tires or Michelin pilots and you cannot go wrong with this motorcycle!

  14. I love my 10 year old Concours 14/GTR1400. I have had her since shiny new. After a brief search, I found a non-abs bare bones, C14 still in the crate in 2008. I have never looked back on that purchase. It has proved to be a phenomenal motorcycle. I also have a balls to the wall non-abs Suzuki B-King that I stumbled on a few years ago with only 347 miles on the clocks. I find all the electronic "safety" electronics crap for bikes that are supposed to be about high-powered-edge of your seat-fun. I would not, however, mind cruise control on the old girl on those long cross country or freezing cold rides. Just over 50,000 miles on the old girl and runs like a champ. Oh, and I can go properply grocery shopping with the three panniers. The Concours 14 is a brilliant machine that has never bored me with around 90-plus ft lbs torque on tap. Average 45 miles per gallon. I will keep this motorcycle till the day I die.

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