Kawasaki GTR1400 Review & Testdrive

This time, its the Ginormous Kawasaki GTR1400.
What a beast!


Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
Go check ’em out here: Wanna see me on a KTM RC390? Vote here!

Fonte: Youtube

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  1. You have no idea how the keyless system works, but it's gimmicky !!! The windshield will rise to whatever pre-set you want – but you have to read the manual.

    The glove box opens when the key is on or in accessories mode – not when the bike is turned off. Remember, no fumbling for the keys too with the keyless systems.

  2. It's a great bike in many ways, it's comfortable, smooth and has a ton of guts, but that guts comes at a price, two prices actually. For the  target sports touring audience, who wants to do serious distances at high speeds, it is hampered by  !. Poor fuel economy  2. Small fuel tank capacity. Both these issues combined spell poor fuel range in the order of some 350klm. Compare this to 530klm for the Yamaha FJR1300 and 600klm for the Honda ST1300. If you really love this bike mainly for it's power and that's quite an easy thing to do, for my money, you'd be better off going with the ZX14R and really rip it up.

  3. I've been follownig you for quite a while now. I still ride my NC700X as my daily driver, and have for the past 2 years. This is the bike I am looking to upgrade to. Thanks for all of your hard work 🙂 Cruising around on a motorcycle. I'm looking at a 2010 model, so I can afford it.

  4. I reckon Each manufacturer had one bike that kicks ass. Eg Suzuki GSX750 is arguably one of the best street bikes. KTM 1290SD for overall craziness and lunacy. And Kawaski Concours for incredible sport touring. BMW for GS or maybe there SR for track riding (or the aprillia). So yeah, Im yet to hear anyone complain about a Concours.

  5. This is a perfect example of a touring bike, smooth and vibrationfree. I did a tour in Copenhagen and surrounding with wifey  last summer, both pillions and top case, we had as much weight as Kawasaki recommends. No problem when having speed.. any speed, but very difficult when you loose balance… have to be prepared all the time :):)

  6. Amazing bike! Just bought one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    That bike is way more than meets the eye! You should try do more detailed review with more time!
    Is the perfect concept of sport touring and not just touring!
    The new standard windscreen deflector on the 2016 models makes miracles!

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