Hayabusa vs Kawasaki Ninja -1/4 mile drag race of street bikes

The best racing of street bikes.Is Hayabusa fastest than Kawasaki Ninja.The best of motorbikes drag race,burnouts,top speed and acceleration.Who’s the fastest?

Fonte: Youtube

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  1. I am requesting you all people who go by luxurious bikes with high speed, don't go that speed, if you really want High speed entertainment, then go in speed track roads which are built for that only. Like for formula f1 race car track, what happens when u go high speed, you will know you are good at driving but children's, animals suddenly come to cross the roads because they don't know how to cross and when to cross roads, because of that accident happens and poor poor loose life, because they even can't have money to purchase 10 rupee from medical shops, you all rich people sons how can u know , your all dads give money to spend , most IT people also go by high cost bikes, so my suggestion is drive carefully save lives, you can purchase new bike, but you can't bring life that gone by accident, you also been injuries to u life , carefully drive, why I am writing these things, since my brother had accident to have children and mother he hit corporation iron box , he fractured arm and leg, after surgery he is okay but after month his voice has gone and also started becoming breathing problem, we went many hospital , many cities , but finally he cured in Bangalore now he is okay his wind pipe has damaged because of that his voice, breathing problem comes, so I seen much terrible things how we people put life into disaster, his life saved in fraction of seconds, his life one time comes normal other time become breathing problem, so I request all people go slowly, and if someone is crossing let them to cross the road, please share by comment to everyone

  2. I've got a "baby 'Busa"…a Suzuki Bandit 1200s, stage 3 jet kit, pod air filters and a Yoshimura pipe. With a 3.36 final drive ratio.
    Although it wouldn't stand a chance against these two, it's a nice lil sleeper.

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