Half Feather, Half Plastic HYBRID Shuttle?! Kawasaki King Kong 500 Review

This badminton shuttle is half feather, half plastic! Here’s my review!
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Kawasaki Badminton:

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Kawasaki badminton have designed a hybrid shuttlecock (bird, birdie) that is half plastic and half feather. They say it plays as well as feather shuttles, but are much cheaper. This is my equipment review!

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  1. Hard to believe that everything you say it's true when its sponsored. Regardless, maybe this will convince some of my friends to make the slow transition to feathers. I'm willing to give it a try.

  2. Thanks for doing this review. I've seen a group use these. My tube of Victor Champion No.1 flew much better. Maybe they had a bad batch. This video has opened up a discussion about feather vs plastic shuttles. Most people don't consider durability in terms of how many shuttles they use in one session. They only look at the price per tube. For example: 4 goose feather vs 12 duck feathers in one session. Therefore it costs more to play with duck feather even though the initial cost of goose was higher.

  3. For us its the flight, that deceleration that well mark a usable plastic shuttle. We have not yet found one, those geese really know how to make a great feather. Cork and feather get more and more expensive and threaten the sport, especially in the west where other sports have it easy on equipment.

  4. We are always using Mavis 300 (Green). How is the speed compares to the mavis green?
    The blue one from mavis is too fast for us. I would defenitly buy one box if the kawasaki has the speed from a green mavis 🙂

  5. Ironically, I know players that would rather try a hybrid shuttle than buy a tube of feather shuttles. Mainly because feather shuttles break too easily. Then they don't like the hybrid & go back to playing plastic shuttles. Then they only play feather shuttles if someone else pays for them.

  6. Have you tried the victor carbon sonic? i wonder how does this compare, i am looking for alternatives for my beginner friends to do drill / play practise matches on, the carbon sonic just feel really heavy compare to any rsl / yonex shuttles…

  7. everything in the video is true. Sometimes I play king kong 300/500. They are definitely the most economical shuttles with feather-like flight. They are a bit faster/don't decelerate but you get used to it. And they are really durable. I would recommend it to all beginner to intermediate players here who for some reason play lot of plastic.

  8. Dear Author, answer one question, pls!
    Imagine that you have managed to clone yourself three times. And then four identical You go and play MD match. You play with AS30 and You may change a shuttle as frequent as you want. No financial limitations. Limitless disposable income. But you do not change playable shuttle when it is still in good conditions. You have huge reserve of shuttles but you do not waste them changing after each point played.

    The question is what is comfortable rate of changing shuttles for you? How many points would you play with one and the same shuttle (on average)? Or how many shuttles would you use for one close set against the opponents of the same level?

    What I see at TOP level events is that players change shuttles approximately 1 per 4-5 points. What is yours comfortable rate?

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