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2019 Kawasaki ZX-6R ABS KRT First Ride Review

I ride and review Kawasaki’s updated ZX-6R sport bike at AIMExpo in Las Vegas. This was my first time on a true sport bike, I had ridden standard/naked bikes before but I sure enjoyed this. Great bike, watch the video for details!
I also compare this bike to the Z900 and the Street Triple RS, and discuss if the ZX6R is a good starter bike.

Fonte: Youtube

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  1. I went to AIMExpo but I wasn't lucky enough to ride this. I came too late on the 2nd day and all slots were full. I did enjoy the z900. It was my first high powered bike and it wasn't as insane to handle as I thought it would be. It gave me a sense of confidence that I could handle this mid-range when I decide to upgrade. Speaking of wind protection i now see the benefit of the windscreen. My head was bobbing at some points on the naked so I appreciate the fairings/screen.

  2. Nice review, and seems to be ur the first so far… would have love to see a walk round but I see u are more on the “riderbility” of this bike… I ride a 08 and I can tell u, Kawasaki knows it when it comes first gear easy riding… talking about how low to the ground compared t

  3. Im currently riding a 2018 Z900 but because of german license laws i have to ride it 2 years with 48hp, after that i can open it up and ride it with its full 95hp… but i gotta say that zx6r kinda turns me on, i seriously consider buying a 2022 model or something like that depending on how it turns out 😀

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