2019 Kawasaki Teryx4 LE Review: Watch This Before You Buy!

2019 Kawasaki Teryx4 LE Review: Watch This Before You Buy!

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  1. I have a blue 2018 like this. Your review is spot on…. The Teryx is an overlooked machine by most but for hauling a family of 4 down the trail it can’t be beat. Very well built and extremely reliable…. Also, it comes with a factory 3 year warranty!! Another great review bud!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Stephen that was a great review – very comprehensive! I really enjoy watching your ATV videos because you cover so much. You're not just making advertisements like some other ATV reviews I see on YouTube. You actually cover all the important issues that people want to know about. This is my new favorite ATV review channel. I LOVE that you mention both US AND Canadian prices!
    An ATV riding buddy of mine had a 2015 Teryx-4 for a few years and just traded it in on a 2 seat machine because both his kids moved out. While he had it, it was a great machine. I was amazed at the trails he could follow me through on my ATV. For a 4 seater it's quite short compared to Polaris and Can Am 4 seat machines and still had good storage space. It was generally tough as nails but he hated the 80 km/h (50 mph) speed limiter, which was a big reason he bought another brand machine recently. 80 km/h might sound fast, unless you drive fire roads often with your ATV buddies like we do, then you're constantly at the back trying to keep up. I know guys that bought computer bypass relay systems online that remove the speed limiters on the Teryx and they will do about 105-110 kmh. But if you take the machine in for service you have to remove the bypass relay. If you take these machines mudding make sure to bring a canon style water gun with you and lots of water to rinse the radiator, as they will clog quickly and overheat. Other than that, they're pretty much bulletproof. Driving my friend's Teryx 4 made me rethink side by sides and I bought a Can Am Commander. I only needed two seats, and I wanted something a little more sporty than a Teryx and definitely wanted to go faster than 80. If I needed 4 seats I would definitely look at the Teryx 4. Even though it has 11" clearance, a 2" lift kit makes all the difference with these machines not scraping over logs, rocks etc.

  3. Great vid👍Kawasaki needs up grade especially tray, motor could left there as base model but high hips needed to complete. Is it me but Kawasaki looks narrow as cab not very wide? The shocks are most outstanding feature on this machine.

  4. Imagine how great the 2 seater is….the seats are by far the best in the business. No ride is.morw comfortable. My only complaint is the engine noise. The engine is best in the business and a 3 year warranty, but it is loud.

  5. I'm looking for my first SXS and checked out Teryx2 at a couple dealers. My wife said no because of the poor passenger grab handles. I wonder why Kaw doesn't use the front-mounted handles like Polaris, Yamaha and Can Am use? I also read many posts and reviews stating that the Teryx rides rough compared to others. I've had many Kaws over the years (now have a Brute Force 300 and an '01 ZRX-1200R) and have always had good luck with them.

  6. Great reviews. KEEPM COMING. Love Kawasaki , Just wished they'd get into the (BIGGERBORE) Engine Categories. 783 is Nice , but leaves much more room for desire…

    IMO. I think they should come out with A (V-TWIN) 1000R , 2 and 4 seater machines.

    I just purchased a 2018 BruteForce , it's such a beast out on the trails , I could only imagine if they had a 1000 edition BF. I'd be running to a dealership and buying 1 tomorrow.

    Come on Kawasaki , Wakw up and Smell the Coffee.

  7. Great review I bought a 2018 year end sale two seater I absolutely love it this thing will do anything you put it up against and as far as the speed goes you don't need to go faster than 50 miles an hour or specially if you are out in the woods or doing some rock crawling now if you're on the west coast and you're in the sand dunes then yeah this is not the one that you would want

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