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2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400: Five Things You Need to Know

Kawasaki may have just found the sweet spot with its new Ninja 400. At a glance, the new motorcycle has undergone a substantial weight reduction treatment, a displacement boost of 103cc, and a sexy styling redesign – all while remaining at the exact same price point. Non-ABS models start at $4,999 while ABS is an additional $300. Kawasaki was out for blood when it went back to the drawing board for its new entry-level motorcycle.

When Kawasaki started to feel the stark competition from bikes like Yamaha’s R3 and KTM’s RC390, they got to work in order to “take back what was theirs,” according to Kawi. That would be the lightweight entry-level sportbike category. With one look at the side by side spec chart, it’s pretty obvious they have done so. The 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 will be a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight sportbike class.


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  1. just bought a 2019 ninja 400 krt model but won't be getting till sometime later . a down grade from my ninja 500r i once had but hoping i will enjoy this new bike as much as i did the old one . thank you

  2. this video is useless. doesnt tell me anything in detail. the reason on big bumps you feel it a lot is because the suspension has gone through its full travel and its completely stiff as a result. a pro journalist should know that ffs

  3. I got the plasma blue one. Got the fender eliminator, reflective rim tape, Coffmans exhaust. Runs great only gripe is the temp gauge rises quickly when stopped (not sure if accurate), fuel capacity could be more (hate filling up every 200miles), and the led headlights aren't bright enough and need to shine higher.

  4. OK, this might be a nice scooter for someones daughter but can you give us a ZX4R as mean (or more) as the old ZXR400 was. Bring back the brutal fun Kawasaki used to be known for. This, in my opinion, seems like a huge step back from where Kawasaki used to be with their ZXR400.

  5. Couple other points.
    1.) The Kawi green is nice and all, but the Plasma Blue is just straight up SEXY. Totally blows away all the other color options this year.
    2.) ALL Ninja 400's have ABS. The thing is, on the NON-ABS model, which is the one I have, they just remove the ABS from the front tire. Back tire still has ABS. I even still get an ABS discount from my insurance company.

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