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2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 | First Ride

Kawasaki used to be top dog in the beginner bike game with the Ninja 250. After that, they released the much-needed Ninja 300. Now, in 2018, we find ourselves with a brand new Ninja 400. Is this the perfect bigger bike or does the engine push it out of that class?

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  1. I purchased my ninja 400 for $3999, out the door $5100. My full coverage insurance for a new rider from allstate is 480 a year. For a starter bike im extremly happy with my purchase plenty of power yet forgiving when i make mistakes highly recommend this over a 300

  2. As a soon to be 48 yrs old i'd NEVER go below 650cc. Don't get me wrong, ninja 400 is great beginner you're 19-20 and believe that you're a moto gp pro. For me i'd get either kawasaki h2rsx se or kawasaki ninja z1000sx as #1 because i got the control and maturity to handle them. After break in sure i twist the handle on a straight a short while once and awhile. Other then that – no highspeed twisties until more experience.

  3. i live in a built up area and leave for work very early in the morning thats the reason i chose the ninja 250r as it wont wake the neighbors. i save 5euro a day compared to getting the bus. and gain about a extra 3 hours less travel time to work a week. and will upgrade to the 400 at some point 😀

  4. def a great bike, my biggest inconsequential nitpicks are the fact Kawasaki is just sticking on the windscreen as an after thought these days bolted on the front. The gas tank makes the whole package fugly…these so called aggressive lines and h2 styling, meh, prefer the 08-12 ninja 250 or even the ninja 300 styling.

  5. I had a 300 for about 6 months and sold it. I used it for long commutes through LA. and hated that cruising with traffic was almost redlining at times. definitely outgrew it and it wasnt fun anymore since i was worried about it taking a dump on me.

  6. How on earth do you get those camera angles like from a car keeping exact speed with you but there is no car there
    Edit: the ones where it looks like the camera is to the front right of the bike and there is nothing there? Am I missing something?

  7. I'd rather they'd brought back the 500cc with a 250cc model available for smaller beginners and markets with limited licenses. Why get into a battle over who makes the bigger displacement beginner bike? Make your beginner bikes better not bigger.

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