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2016 Kawasaki KLR650 Motorcycle First Test Review:

The Kawasaki KLR650 has been on the roads since the late 1980’s and has proven to be a durable, reliable and capable adventure machine. Whether you’re exploring off the beaten path or logging serious miles on the asphalt, the KLR650 is hard to beat for sheer do-it-all prowess. Find out more in our written review (link above).

For this KLR650 test we wore:

Klim Krios Helmet:

Klim Traverse Jacket:

Klim Traverse Pants:

Klim Quest Short Gloves:

iXS Pacific Boots:

Fonte: Youtube

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  1. Nice review: good production and I especially like how there are several points where we can hear the motor running. Good insights into the bike, too. I have a 2016 model just like your test bike; the "new" model seat and springs really make a huge difference over my former 2012 model. I like these bikes because they are comfortable for my 6' frame. I love the upright seating position and the roominess of the seat-to-peg distance.

  2. ive had mine for 2 years now . its my 4th bike . all have been enduros. this is by far the best. its a mule . were you point it , it will go. i ride mud with no problem. off road with no trail. highway all day. you cant go wrong with a klr .

  3. Excellent work! The KLR is a living legend in North America. Best On-line and parts support of any ADV bike in North America. I'll never buy one new or used, but folks seem to really like them. I went with the MIGHTY DR, the high speed low drag KLR. The KLR does have more value than the DR650, thanks to the updated Suspension in 2014.

  4. this is really great review video ..
    I had the KLR 650 long time and totally loveeeed it .and I wish the KLR would be available in the UK market .
    PS the camo color really looks badass soo KLR

  5. In my opinion KLR should never change. It is the rare old school adventure bike. If somebody needs modern adventure bike, the market ih huge, but if you like something that works well for 30 years, proven workhorse, the KLR is the best choice. No changes for good old KLR.

  6. The nose fairing around the head light is plane ugly Imo. looks like something borrowed from a sport bike, it doesn't match the character of the bike or blend into the radiator fairing very well. I had a 2005 KLR 650 which I thought looked much better, but like most Japanese dual sports, they badly need a six speed tranny, and fuel injection.

  7. You mention 40-45 mpg I have a 2012 and see 50 mpg plus with my easy riding highway and backroads.. Thats 300 mile to a tank… Approaching 15,000 miles and not a hiccup…..

  8. I don't understand the need to change something that so many people support. As I always say, if someone want MODERN motorcycle, MARKET IS ENORMOUS. Let us, traditionalists, stay with this old bike as it is. NO CHANGES FOR GOOD OLD K L R!

  9. I ride a 2007 simple easy to work on in the field if you missed something before your trip honestly with regular maintenance break downs have been slim and none could not have chosen a better bike for what I want to do Not sure if I will ever upgrade

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